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Innovation in Teaching and Learning

Remaking Learning:  Tinkering, Innovation, Inventing!


Workshops for Teachers

Best in classArtful Teaching: Think, Learn and Teach in Color applauded by Dr. Robert Benson, workshop collaborator and principal at Foothills Fine Arts Academy, Arizona. ”I have never seen such immediate use of a strategy!”

Engaging, creative professional development workshops!  Email:  Cell:  724-413-6001.

  1. Remaking Learning – Tinkering, Innovation, and MAKING!
  2. Creative and Critical Thinking with the Brain-Friendly Six Hats®
  3. Differentiating Instruction
  4. Teaching Advanced and Gifted Students
  5. Artful Teaching
  6. Odyssey of the Mind – Tinkering, Creativity, and Teamwork
  7. I LOVE Teaching! — Inspiring Every Teacher, Every Day!
  8. Love for Literacy!
  9. Opening Minds with Creative and Critical Thinking, DOK, and Problem Solving
  10. Teacher Academies
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Workshops For Students

When it comes to children and teaching, Franny McAleer is a remarkable presenter, speaker, and educator. The teachers and students alike were so captivated and involved with the workshop, they were sorry to see the time end. Due to the way Franny presents the lessons, the students were very eager, focused, and willing to participate in the activities. The session was very exciting, stimulating, and fun. This is something the students, as well as the teachers, will remember and use throughout their educational years. I would highly recommend having Franny McAleer into your classrooms for hands on excitement.            Teresa Davis, Coordinator of Gifted Services, Peoria Unified School District, Phoenix, AZ

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  1. Leadership and Creativity for Students
  2. Odyssey of the Mind
  3. The Invention Zone!… (A STEAM Project, Your Invention Convention)
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Easton teachers sharing with FrannyAs a teacher, curriculum coordinator, staff developer, author, community leader, and university instructor, Franny McAleer brings creativity and effective instructional strategies to you!  The promise of her workshops is PASSION — for collaboration, teaching and learning


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    • Six Hats brainstorming in all content areas!link dividerMotivating Workshops Student-Tested, Student-Centered, Energizing, MAKER focus, Research Based

Contact Franny to discuss the possibilities. Email Phone or text her at 724-413-6001.