Professional Development Workshops + A Graduate Credit STEAMing Summer Book Study

Sun STEAMing Summer Book Study – Three Graduate Credits This Summer While You Learn and  Enjoy the Sun!

3 Graduate Credits – Book Study Flyer!

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Energizing, CREATIVE,  Professional Development Workshops

Kick Off Keynote 2015 — We LOVE Teaching! — Inspiring teachers!

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Franny’s workshops are based on the belief that education is about passion for learning, thinking, and creating!  Connect teachers with strategies that teach students:

  • to be self-motivated  and independent!
  • to believe that they can learn and create!
  • to believe in themselves and succeed!

  Most requested workshops are:

  1. Opening Minds with Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
  2. Differentiating Instruction
  3. Effective Teaching and Learning
  4. Energize Creative and Critical Thinking with the Brain-Friendly Six Hats®
  5. Gifted and High Ability Education
  6. Teacher Academies
  7. Love for Literacy with Six Hats®
  8. Leadership and Creativity for Students
  9. The Invention Zone!... (A STEAM Project, Your Invention Convention)

franny in middleAs a teacher, curriculum coordinator, staff developer, author, community leader, and university instructor, Franny McAleer brings creativity and effective instructional strategies to you!  The promise of her workshops is PASSION — for collaboration, teaching and learning! Easton Franny monitoring Workshops can be customized to fit your needs in terms of content, time frame, and location.

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Contact Franny to discuss the possibilities. Email or Phone her at 724-413-6001.