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Effective Teaching and Learning

Engaging, practical, classroom tested strategies for improving instruction and student achievement will give teachers tools to take back to their classrooms and see results immediately. This session can be customized based on your school or district’s needs. Effective teaching strategies might come from John Champlin’s Success Connection, Charlotte Danielson’s Domains (1) Planning and Preparation, (2) Classroom Environment, (3) Instruction, and (4) Professional Responsibility, or from the classroom and university teaching experiences of Franny.

Welcome back teachers….celebrating why we love teaching
Southern Columbia School District, Dr. Paul Caputo, Superintendent

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Effective Strategies to Improve Student Performance!

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We have students in our classrooms who struggle academically and others who learn at an advanced level and accelerated pace. We can meet the needs of all learners by differentiating instruction. This workshop provides an understanding and application of the principles and strategies needed to set up a classroom that provides success and challenge for academically diverse students. All students are regularly offered CHOICES. Based on the student’s readiness levels, interests, and learning profile, we modify the content, process, product and/or learning environment. Differentiating instruction makes teaching more interesting and effective as YOU meet the needs of your students. To learn more about this workshop contact franny@learnerslink.com or franny.mcaleer@gmail.com. Text 724-413-6001.

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 Differentiating Instruction for High Ability and Gifted Students

Do you have students in your classroom who learn quickly or at an advanced level? Do your students daydream or appear bored? Do some complain about the work being too easy? Do others give up when the work is too difficult? In this workshop we will examine the characteristics of gifted students and differentiation strategies that challenge and motivate them!

This session is based on experiences teaching gifted students, insights from research, and strategies from the guidelines in various states across the US. You will learn instructional strategies that will show you how to change your role from that of instructor to facilitator, coach, and audience. To learn more about this workshop contact franny@learnerslink.com or franny.mcaleer@gmail.com. Text 724-413-6001.

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Common Core: Effective Strategies from Webb’s Depth of Knowledge!

The Common Core State Standards offer details as to what K-12 students should know in English and math at the end of each grade. The goal of the Common Core initiative is to establish conformity in education standards across the states. During this workshop teachers will collaborate by grade levels and content areas to integrate Common Core standards and effective teaching strategies into their curriculum. Focus will be on Higher Level Thinking and Depth of Knowledge processes.Develop your professional development session by contacting franny@learnerslink.com or franny.mcaleer@gmail.com. Text 724-413-6001.


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 Opening Minds: Catch Your Students Thinking Creatively and Critically!

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Do you promote quality thinking related to the Common Core? Do you teach thinking strategies that students can use in the classroom and in life? Do your move through the levels of Webb’s Depth of Knowledge? Do you apply the vision of Daniel Pink as you prepare student to move from the information to the conceptual age? Engaging hands-on critical and creative thinking strategies will be presented in this workshop to ignite your students’ brain power and build the foundation for living in the conceptual age. The quality of your students’ thinking will improve and bridge the gap from learning in school to learning for life. To learn more about this workshop contact franny@learnerslink.com or franny.mcaleer@gmail.com. Text 724-413-6001.

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 Six Hats® … A Critical and Creative Thinking Process that improves listening, speaking, reading and writing and is fun for ALL!

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” A special thank you to Franny for introducing me to the thinking hats and opening me up to becoming a better teacher by teaching my students to think about thinking.” Jena Brodhead, Easton Area School District

Improve academic performance in reading and writing with SIX THINKING HATS®. This effective communication tool teaches us to SEE AND FOCUS our thinking using six strategies to improve reading, writing, speaking and listening. This energizing strategy revolutionizes communication and encourages the students to lead discussions and add detail to their writing. The workshop will prepare you to add color to your thinking … white, red, yellow, black, blue, green! It teaches us to —

  • think using six strategies
  • problem solve
  • make clear decisions
  • design quality questions
  • self assess
  • collaborate more effectively

During the workshop the teachers will collaborate to learn the Six Hats® process and apply it to their content areas and standards.

The Research “Develop Critical and Creative Thinking Skills: Put on Six Thinking Hats®,” PA Educational Leadership

Complete Guide to Six Hats in Our Classrooms

During the workshop the teachers will collaborate to learn the Six Hats® process and apply it to their content areas and standards. To learn more about this workshop contact franny@learnerslink.com or franny.mcaleer@gmail.com. Text 724-413-6001.

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Teacher Academies – Rigorous Content and Hands-On Learning

Option for Graduate Credits

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Teacher Academies are a collaborative between Learner’s Link Consulting and school districts and education associations. The Academy provides a powerful professional development opportunity for teachers who have the potential to become exemplary educators. During the Academy, teachers receive rigorous content and hands-on instruction that will impact student learning and provide a variety of professional development experiences designed to enhance teacher quality and reflection. Collaboration and curiosity are integrated into the experiences.

Teachers receive university credit for successfully completing the Academy work.

School district Teacher Academies are customized based on the strategic plan of the district and vary in length. For information about a Teacher Academy. To learn more about this workshop contact franny@learnerslink.com or franny.mcaleer@gmail.com. Text 724-413-6001.


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 The Invention Zone! A STEAM Project: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math for Teachers and Teams of Teachers and Students


This workshop is designed for audiences who would like to start or expand an invention program in their schools or organizations. Teachers, teams of teachers, or teams of teachers and students are invited to experience the twelve step invention process and have enough resources and know how to take it home and start a classroom, organization, school, district, state, or national program.

The invention process combines critical and creative thinking skills, creative problem solving, and increase self-esteem in your students. Fascinating techniques will be presented to help your students use their creativity to be inventors. This workshop is open to teachers, teams of teachers, or teams of students and teachers who want to teach the invention process or start an INVENTION CONVENTION in their classroom, school, region, state or country. To learn more about this workshop contact franny@learnerslink.com or franny.mcaleer@gmail.com. Text 724-413-6001.

You, the Inventor, Franny McAleer, 2014 (This book will be emailed to all workshop participants prior to the session.)