Effective Teaching and Learning

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Engaging, practical, classroom tested strategies for improving instruction and student achievement will give teachers tools to take back to their classrooms and see results immediately. This session can be customized based on your school or district’s needs. Effective teaching strategies might come from John Champlin’s Success Connection, Charlotte Danielson’s Domains (1) Planning and Preparation, (2) Classroom Environment, (3) Instruction, and (4) Professional Responsibility, or from the classroom and university teaching experiences of Franny McAleer.

Celebrate why we love teaching!

A day long, interactive, workshop featuring Professionalism, Charlotte Danielson’s Domain 4.  Teachers will celebrate why they became educators, what they love about their careers, and learn reflective practices that will sharpen their skills.

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Effective Teaching and Learning

Using the Effective Instructional Strategies Table, build a workshop to meet the needs of your faculty.  Email Franny, franny@learnerslink.com, ten strategies from the table, and she will create a workshop that will engage and energize!

Effective Instructional Strategies Table