About Franny – Vitae in Brief

Franny picPASSION!   Franny’s workshops are based on the belief that education is about passion: the passion for learning, thinking, experiencing, exploring, and creating!

Her workshops connect students with strategies that teach them:

  • to be self-motivated  and independent!
  • to believe that they can learn and create!
  • to believe in themselves and know that they can succeed!

Franny is a leader in the field of education, an inspirational force for students and teachers, and a pioneer in promoting creativity in the classroom. Franny inspires great teaching through her workshops, classes offered at several Universities, and in-service courses that she developed for the Pennsylvania Department of Education. As Past President of the Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education and member of the advisory boards of various educational organizations, she promotes educational practices that teach students to use their minds well and talents effectively and creatively.  She is a prolific author of books and articles in magazines and journals, and has developed and supervised educational programs throughout the United States and Australia in the areas of curriculum design, creativity, language arts, career planning, gifted and talented education, and restructuring America’s high schools.

Her workshops show teachers and parents how to ignite the creativity in themselves and their children to produce a learning environment that is motivating and challenging as it prepares them for life in a global society. Workshops in her specialty areas have been well-received throughout the United States and Canada. As an author and master trainer for the Invent America Educational Foundation, she has trained teachers in the invention process and initiated regional invention conventions. In addition, Franny is a certified Six Hats® trainer teaching the concept of parallel thinking throughout the United States to adults and children.

Franny is an award-winning teacher who holds several degrees in education, curriculum, supervision and administration and is the proud parent of an amazing family, which includes her two sons, daughter-in-laws, four granddaughters, and a grandson.


Teacher,  grades K-12

Curriculum Coordinator

Author of

University Instructor  — Adjunct Faculty Member

Certified Trainer, Six Thinking Hats®  (Dr. Edward DeBono)

Coaches’ Trainer,  Odyssey of the Mind

Instructor for Pennsylvania Department of Education

Instructor for Arizona Summit

Educational Consultant for CareerWare, an IBM company


  • World Conference for Gifted Education
  • American Creativity Association
  • International, National and State Conferences
  • PAGE Speaker’s Bureau
  • Corporate seminars “Teamwork, Communication and Creative Thinking in the Workplace”

Leadership Positions



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Motivating Workshops

Student-Tested, Student-Centered, Energizing, Hands On, Research Based