Artful Teaching – Think, Learn, and Teach in Color!

paletteArtful Teaching brings six colors to our teaching palettes with SIX THINKING HATS®.   While providing a simple and practical strategy, SIX HATS® provides an artistic approach to teaching thinking in all academic areas and everyday life.  They are a powerful thinking tool that improves listening, speaking, reading and writing.  The colors and hats provide an engaging visual image that is easy to learn and remember. When we SEE our THINKING, we become more focused and productive. The game and role-playing nature of the HATS compliment how the brain works. The HATS are fun and effective to wear everyday, everywhere!   So, put on the SIX HATS® and think, learn and teach in color!


Artful Teaching, applauded by Dr. Robert Benson, workshop collaborator and principal at Foothills Fine Arts Academy, Arizona. ”I have never seen such immediate use of a strategy!”



Artful Teaching at Foothills Elementary – Socratic Seminars