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Books Published by Franny!

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T’NT: Talented and Thinking Independent Study Guides in a New Reproducible Kit ($70 )- a series of 15 independent learning contracts designed to provide in-depth, high level, creative, enrichment studies to develop students to be creators of original products! Each booklet includes a self-evaluation for the student.TNT books

  •  Book A: Creative Communications: Speaking Out!, Creative Stories, Science Fiction Findings, Thought Provokers – Games Puzzlers and Codes
  •  Book B: Science and Invention: Environmental Explorations, Scientific Experimentation, Interesting Investigations, Innovative Inventors
  •  Book C: People and Places: Athletic Competition, Around the World, The Hall of Famers
  •  Book D: Intriguing Endeavors: Art Adventures, Music Magic, Creative Poetry, Puppet Happenings



The Cartooning Bag … Drawing with Your Funny Bone



The Thinking Bag … Adventures With Creative Thinking


Creative Connections for Kids … 50 Creative Lessons by Students for Students  $15, download via
Sample Creative Connections
 – Try it, then order 49 more!


world with kids

“What a team! Thinking outside of the box and out of this world!”
50 spontaneous problems created by students to stimulate
Fluency * Flexibility* Elaboration* Originality

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Publications co-authored by Franny!


Invent America Enrollment Kit and the Train the Trainers Manual


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 Articles published by Franny!

About Best Practices and Programming for Gifted Students

  • Learning That Lasts a Lifetime …. Former Students Tell What Works!
  • Challenging Students Through Extension and Exceptional Learning
  • USA – Building an Olympic Year for Academics
  • Dandelions Roar Through Pittsburgh … Customized Curricula 
  • One Gifted Program’s Successes 
  • Assessment by the Students … an Apprenticeship Program
  • Partners in Advocacy, the Journey … Teachers, Administrators, Parents and Students
  • A Review of the Federal Excellence Report on Gifted Education
  • Javits Grant Programs:  An Overview and One Project Sample
  • The Challenge … to Bring Out the Best, a Case Study
  • Chapter 16 … a Process of Change for Gifted Education
  • Comprehensive Assessment of Gifted Students

What Works!?  Assessment of a Gifted Program from the Students and Parents After Graduation!

  • A Seven-Point Assessment (of a Gifted Program) …  From the Students
  • Everything I Ever Wanted to Know About Effective Teaching I Learned from my Students
  • Get Out of Their Way, Three Assessment Strategies

What are the Students Doing?   Strategies Receiving an A!

  • TIEing It Together for Our Gifted Students
  • The Human Spirit … Creativity and Change!
  • Let the Inventive Spirit Soar
  • Cartooning: Unleashing Your Creativity!
  • A Kid’s View of Creative Thinking
  • Kids’ Crimes … Justice in the Land of Mother Goose
  • The Hall of Fame
  • Athletic Events
  • On Creativity

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Motivating Workshops
Student-Tested, Student-Centered, Energizing, Hands On, Research Based