Curriculum – Engaging Strategies for the DOER in All Content Areas

Engaging Strategies for the DOER

Engaging students to go to higher levels in Webb’s Depth of Knowledge is the core of this workshop.  Effective instructional strategies that promote student engagement and energize students to be thinkers, MAKERS,  and DOERS.  All can be applied to various content areas and age groups. To customize your workshop select options from the following table, and email them to Franny ( .  An in-service day(s) will be designed that will inspire and support thinking and doing!


Effective Low Preparation Strategies 1.       Anchor Activities2.       Book Choice3.       Competition Options

4.       Computer Programs

5.       Exit and Entrance Cards

6.       Explorations by Interest

7.       Flexible Grouping by Readiness, Interest, Learning Profile

8.       Homework Options

9.       Journal Prompts by Readiness, Interest, Learning Profile

10.   Multiple Intelligences in Lessons and Choice Options

11.   Open-ended Activities

12.   Reading Buddies

13.   Scaffolding

14.   Student/Teacher Goal Setting

15.   TAPS for Grouping – Together, Alone, Partners, Small Group

16.   Think-Pair-Share by Readiness, Interest, Learning Profiles

17.   Questioning at Six Levels with Bloom’s


18.   Questioning at Six Levels with Six Hats®

Effective High Preparation Strategies1.       Alternative Assessments2.       Apprenticeships3.       Centers

4.       Choice Boards

5.       Compacting

6.       Content Appropriate Activities

7.       Content Games such as I Have, Who Has

8.       Graphic Organizers by Readiness and Content

9.       Group Investigations or Lab Work

10.   Impact/Service Projects

11.   Independent Study

12.   Interest Centers

13.   Mentorships

14.   Most Difficult First

15.  Pre-and Post Assessments

16.   Project-Based Learning

17.   Problem Solving

18.   Simulations

19.   Spelling or Vocabulary by Readiness

20.   Stations

21.   Think-Tac-Toe

22.   Tiered Activities

23.   Tiered Products