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Think Better! Live Better! Community and Corporate Workshops

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Effective Thinking, Communication, and Problem Solving with Six Hats®

Contact Franny at or call/text 724-413-6001.

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Bring clarity and color to your thinking, communication, and problem solving with Six Thinking Hats. Enjoy the process of using Six Hats in your everyday life and career! We will learn about the process invented by Dr. Edward DeBono and will discuss each of his six hats. We will experiment with sequences of hats that will enhance your life, promoting cooperation, teamwork, creative problem solving and analysis of ideas. Two HAT activities will be presented in a playful atmosphere, and then we will apply this strategy to our lives.

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Know Yourself Better – Explore Your Personality and Behavior to Create a More Successful You, Community and Corporation

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Know Yourself Better by learning the North, South, East and West Personality Profile System. As you identify the strengths and weakness of your personality profile, you will also learn what behaviors sabotage your success in relationships, life and in your career.

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Motivating Workshops

Student-Tested, Student-Centered, Energizing, Hands On, Research Based