Gifted Brain

Research:  Giftedness –  Biological Differences

Dr. Barbara Clark,  Growing Up Gifted, pp. 29-30

From brain/mind research, we know that gifted individuals show the following measurable biological differences –

  1. There is, by means of an increase in neuroglial cell production, accelerated synaptic activity that allows for more accelerated thought processing (Thompson, Berger, and Berry, 1980).
  2. The neurons become biochemically richer, allowing for more complex patterns of thought (Rosenweig,1966: Krech, 1969).
  3. More use is made of the activity of the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This allows more future planning, insightful thinking, and intuitive experiences (Restak, 1979; MacLean, 1978).
  4. More use is made of alpha wave activity within more areas of the brain.  The gifted individual can move into this state more quickly and stay in it longer than average learners.  Such a state allows more relaxed and concentrated learning, higher levels of retention, and more integration of hemispheric modalities (Lozanov; 1977, Martindale, 1975).
  5.  There is more coherence and synchronicity of brain rhythms more often, allowing heightened concentration, focused attention, and in depth probing and inquiry (Millay, 1981).

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