Teaching Advanced and Gifted Students

Turn UP the Challenge!

Contact Franny at franny.mcaleer@gmail.com or call/text 724-413-6001.

Franny face no fenceDo you have students in your classroom who learn quickly or at an advanced level? Do your students daydream or appear bored? Do some complain about the work being too easy? Do others give up when the work is too difficult? In this workshop we will examine the characteristics of gifted students and differentiation strategies that challenge and motivate them!

This session is based on experiences teaching gifted students, insights from research, and strategies from the guidelines in various states across the US. You will learn instructional strategies that will show you how to change your role from that of instructor to facilitator, coach, and audience.

For more information contact Franny at franny.mcaleer@gmail.com or call/text 724-413-6001.

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Testimonials for courses and workshops on Gifted & High Ability

“Learning That Lasts a Lifetime: Former Students Tell Us What Works!” — Research Article written by Franny McAleer, published in Gifted Education Press Quarterly, Summer, 2004

Specially Designed Instruction for Gifted Students

Academic Acceleration

DI Likert Scale Self-evaluation

Factors Impacting Tiering Matrix

Graduate Course and Workshop Book for Teachers of Gifted and Advanced Students


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Organizations Supporting the Education of Gifted, Creative and High Ability Students

Pennsylvania’s Legislation for Gifted Students

Comprehensive Web Resources

An Analogy – If the Animals Had a School

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Teacher and Parent Resources

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Motivating Workshops

Student-Tested, Student-Centered, Energizing, Hands On, Research Based