I LOVE Teaching! — Inspiring Every Teacher, Every Day!

Enjoy celebrating why you became, and are, a teacher!  Share the love of teaching with your colleagues!

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Keynote and/or Break Out Sessions inspire teachers as they focus on why they love teaching and think about ways to improve teaching.  Teachers share their love of teaching and how this passion began and continues.

The agenda includes:

  1. Abbott and Costello
  2. Reflect — “Why I became a teacher?”  Partner and Share!
  3. Reflect on ways of teaching – instructor, facilitator, coach, and audience
  4. Stories from the Teachers
  5. Teaching Styles Challenge — Think about yourself and your auditory skills!
  6. Analyze your teaching style – North, South, East, and West
  7. Reflect on strengths and stressors of your teaching style, considering impact on students, colleagues, and parents


  1. Quadrant group brainstorming activity – choice of TEACHER, PROFESSIONALISM, ….
  2. Charlotte Danielson’s Domain Four
  3. Roping Around – What do you do when confronting a novel task?
  4. Circles of Possibilities Small Group Brainstorming and Vision
  5. Develop Essential Questions for Circles of Possibilities in small groups
  6. Whole group – Identify key strategies from the CIRCLES and develop action plans.