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Learning that Lasts a Lifetime

 Little girl learning grade 3

Former Students Tell Us What Works!

Curious? Check out what they said in this article! Published in Gifted Education Press Quarterly

Jeff and Melissa loura

Melissa, Jeff and Laura Today!

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“Learning with a Life Long Impact … Former Students Tell Us What Works !”

  • What do you teach that your students will remember for a lifetime?
  • What do you teach that ensure success in their everyday life and careers?
  • A study of former students reveals what “learnings” sticks with them and brings success in life and in their careers. Six basic factors come from the research and are presented in this keynote to help teachers think holistically about what and how they teach.
  • What must you teach today to create success for your students and last a lifetime?



Melissa in grade 3 Melissa K gradtwo boys learning George Papuga close up for age 22

Melissa, 2nd grade      Melissa, today             George, 3rd grade            George, today

Workshops can also be customized to look at these critical “learnings” in detail.

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 Motivating Workshops

Student-Tested, Student-Centered, Energizing, Hands On, Research Based