Remaking Learning: Tinkering, Innovation, Inventing, Be a Maker!

Little girl learning grade 3REMAKE learning in your classroom and collaborate with the community to transform your educational culture by creating new and exciting learning environments.  Redesign learning to be engaging, relevant, and creative!  Open-mindedness supports our understanding of the processes of tinkering, invention, and creative thinking!  Experience a day of MAKING and DOING as you transform your classroom, school, or district!

Mark and windmill

Transform your classroom, school, or district by REMAKing learning!

Chartiers Valley School District: REMAKING learning!


MAKER SPACE resources!

Junk to Genius:  An Interview with Donna Sangwin of Recreate

The Maker Space Playbook

A Maker Space for three decades:  Odyssey of the Mind!

Tinkering, Innovation, to Invention!

Hector, The Collector, by Shel Silverstein:  What can you MAKE?Hector old-junk-cover-610x235