STEAMing Book Studies (2)

EDDU 9363 – Teaching for a Whole New Mind:  21st Century Learning   

EDDU 9381 – Motivation and Student Engagement

How to register and complete this course individually or with a group of teachers:

  1. Request and read the syllabus.  (No money or commitment to take the course.
  2. Decide if you want to take the course or not!
  3. If you decide to take the course, complete the requirements in the syllabus and log.  Email your name, school, grade level, and cell phone number to
  4. Periodically submit sections of your study.  When you are finished, email your work to  Mail your check for $895, payable to Learnerslink, to Learnerslink, 321 Lorlita Lane, Pittsburgh, PA 15241.
  5. Your registration information and grade will be send to you via a Brandman University email link. This usually take two weeks.
  6. Enjoy the creativity and freedom that this course fosters.  Connections to curriculua and instruction have been applauded by many teachers!

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