Teacher Academies

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 Teacher Academies –  Rigorous Content and Hands-On Learning

Option for Graduate Credits

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Teacher Academies are a collaborative between Learner’s Link Consulting and school districts and education associations. The Academy provides a powerful professional development opportunity for teachers who have the potential to become exemplary educators. During the Academy, teachers receive rigorous content and hands-on instruction that will impact student learning and provide a variety of professional development experiences designed to enhance teacher quality and reflection. Collaboration and curiosity are integrated into the experiences.

Teachers receive university credit for successfully completing the Academy work.

KevanIMG_0308-1Easton teachers working together 2 menDI with Six HatsSchool district Teacher Academies are customized based on the strategic plan of the district and vary in length.

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Motivating Workshops

Student-Tested, Student-Centered, Energizing, Hands On, Research Based