Testimonials on Six Thinking Hats

Six Hats in a row

What are principals and teachers saying about Six Hats® and these workshops:

  • Your presentation today was inspiring, engaging, and fabulous; you were perfection from beginning to end!  Six Hats is going to be a perfect fit for our school, and I have already heard from several colleagues that they are ready to begin implementation. I cannot wait to see what we, as a staff, do with this and for your next in-service to focus on the green hats.  I can’t wait for what will happen in the future!  Teri Haugen, Teacher at Foothills Fine Arts Academy in Arizona
  • Berwick Area School District’s professional staff was introduced to Six Hats® several years ago, providing them a specific way to approach thinking and decision making for themselves and with their students. Thinking is an act that can be somewhat overwhelming because we try to make decisions with various elements pulling at us. Our creative side argues with our practical side, our pros argue with our cons, and our emotions argue with our brains.The toolbox of the Six Thinking Hats® provides our staff and students with a concrete way to approach decision making in the classroom. One student claims that this technique broadened her way of thinking; she now approaches her assignments in a whole new light, especially with cooperative learning activities and group projects. This thinking technique works both in the boardroom and in the classroom. Holly Morrison, Director of Curriculum, K-12, Berwick School District, PA
  •  “Our work with DeBono’s SIX HATS® has been a great base for improving our work with higher level thinking. I often hear references to those darn “White Hat questions”, so deadly in large numbers. The awareness created from the SIX HATS® has been valuable. Suzanne Herr, Principal, Solanco School District, PA
  • ” A special thank you to Franny for introducing me to the thinking hats and opening me up to becoming a better teacher by teaching my students to think about thinking.” Jena Brodhead, Easton Area School District
  • “I have a difficult time finding conference presenters that present something that I can adapt to my facility and students. Your ideas were safe and simple enough to use in an environment that has a high risk of violence. So, I wanted to thank you for your time and let you know I was glad that you were able to come and share your knowledge.” Jamie Zimmer, Turning Point Youth Center, St. Johns, MI
  • “I am using the SIX HATS® daily. I refer to them to get the children thinking in a certain direction. What I like about this program is that it gives the students a direction to think towards by the questions on the hats. In the primary grades especially, the students need to develop specific thinking areas. I did an activity where they had to pick a wish and then use white and black hat thinking about the wish. They did a great job. This is the first program I have used that starts students in the direction of thinking critically. They loved the activities especially the green hat. I’m happy with where I’m going especially as I use this with PSSA (state assessment) preparation.” Debbie Miller, Wilkes Barre School District
  • “We love the hats. Tara and I introduced our students to them right away on Friday. Our Academic/Honors students were skeptical. My Applied Communications class LOVED them. Since then, with a little encouragement, we have had nothing but success with the hats. Tara’s Journalism class is attacking the school magazine all with hats. My Applied class designed and implemented a new independent novel unit utilizing the hats. My Honors Speech and Debate class has implemented a new peer comment format that revolves around yellow, black, and green hat ideas. My Honors III class is exploring The Red Badge of Courage with the hats. The red hat is especially helpful because they are putting themselves in a few of the characters’ shoes. They also linked the current Jessica Lynch debate (hero or not) to the novel with the hats. I’ll admit, although your talk was informative and fun, I had doubts about getting the students to use it. After one day, my Applied students were correcting each other during a green hat session with, ‘We’re wearing our green hats now. Save the black hat comments for later.’ Amazingly no one was offended and the class continued working. I just wanted you to know how excited we are to share in this great method and how much we appreciate your instruction in it.” Renee Sorensen, Teacher at Tunkhannock High School
  • “After attending the workshop, I was excited about going back to my classroom and trying out the Six Thinking Hats with my ESL students. I found it easy to simplify and adapt to their proficiency levels and they responded with enthusiasm to the visual and tactile presentation of the hats. They were motivated to answer questions and were able to demonstrate increased comprehension of the story. Even my most reluctant student was more responsive to questions. Though many of us are already doing some of the things Franny spoke about in the workshop, The Six Thinking Hats provides a way for us to create a more muiltisensory learning environment, giving our students a greater chance for success. I found the SIX HATS workshop to be dynamic and inspiring. The Six Thinking Hats concept is a valuable teaching tool that can be adapted to many areas of learning.” Karen Lau, ESL Teacher, Luzerne Intermediate Unit
  • “I have learned so much about using the SIX HATS® in my classroom. I have already started using it in my class and it has been very successful.” Dana Dubyak
  • “SIX HATS® has provided me with a whole new channel of thinking – pulling my mind into new directions.” Carrie Mathias
  • “I attended this workshop with little knowledge of thinking skills and how to develop this concept in the classroom. This seminar introduced skills, developed those skills, and gave me new ideas to work “thinking” into my classroom, and daily life. Franny was a refreshing change of pace to other presenters. She was lively, creative, willing to share ideas and activities, and over FUN! Great workshop, wonderful presenter.”
  • “Applying the SIX HATS® is a natural for the classroom. Franny presents the information in a clear, usable, and valuable fashion. Move over Bloom – a great new way of teaching thinking!” Susan Holzer
  • “A special thank you to Franny for introducing me to the thinking hats and opening me up to becoming a better teacher by teaching my students to think about thinking.” Jena Brodhead, Easton Area School District

What students say about the HATS®!

  •  “My students revel in the metacognitive strategies of Six Hats®. They just love thinking about thinking! Students enjoy the simplicity of the hats and can easily, and purposefully, examine all approaches to problem solving. And, besides that, they’ll tell you it’s just plain FUN!”   Judy Micheletti, Teacher, Berwick School District

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