Testimonials on Franny’s workshops

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“I have never seen such immediate use of a strategy!”

Dr. Robert Benson, Arts Curriculum Leader and Principal at Foothills Fine Arts Academy in Arizona applauded the February, 2016 workshop as he interacted with his teachers throughout the day.

Your presentation today was inspiring, engaging, and fabulous; you were perfection from beginning to end!  Six Hats is going to be a perfect fit for our school, and I have already heard from several colleagues that they are ready to begin implementation. I cannot wait to see what we, as a staff, do with this and for your next in-service to focus on the green hats.  I can’t wait for what will happen in the future!

Teri Haugen, Teacher at Foothills Fine Arts Academy in Arizona

The big plus to Brandman University’s Connecting Instruction and the Learner was that I could work on my own schedule and in my own time frame.  It gave me a plethora of ideas to use in the classroom.  Franny was just a phone call or text away when I needed help or advice.    I believe that I was able to get better results from the students by using some of the ideas that Franny provided.  Dr. Marzano’s research based strategies were the focus on this project, and some that Franny sent helped my own creativity.  I was able to create a few of my own because of the ideas Franny sent.

Marc Longenhagen, Teacher at Southern Catawissa School District


Franny did a tremendous job of inspiring and engaging participants in a one-day training session on differentiation. The participants enjoyed the group interaction and the practical tips she provided. Ann Lupkowski Shoplik, Ph.D., Director, C-MITES, Carnegie Mellon University, PA

The presenter knew her topic and was open to all questions. Franny created an energetic atmosphere! Activities I can use! Thank you for an enjoyable day! I liked Franny’s interactive workshop style. Franny’s website is great. I’m definitely going to use it.

Franny McAleer has been providing staff development for teachers in the Berwick Area School District for the last four years, including whole staff workshops with the Six Thinking Hats® as well as focused workshops detailing best practices with instructional strategies for gifted and honors students. Many of our teachers know that when Franny comes to do in-service, they will go home tired, but it will have been a productive day. She challenges their beliefs and has helped them raise their level of higher order thinking within their classrooms. It’s also just hard not to have a good time when Franny comes to town! Holly Morrison, Director of Curriculum, Berwick Area School District, PA


More! We want more! The presentation was not enough. We want you to help us be as enthusiastic as you are and go to the level of success with our students as you do with yours! Skip Little, Ph. D., Northern Arizona University and Arizona Educational Summit Committee


Fran McAleer is a valuable contributor to our work, training to create a new and better workplace in our schools. Her efforts in exploring and experiencing creativity successfully engages even the most staid and conservative participants. She is a unique, effervescent individual who constantly models what she teaches. I recommend her work most highly. I would be pleased to talk further with anyone considering her services. John C. Champlin, Ph. D., Executive Director, Institute for Quality Learning, Scottsdale, AZ 85258, Former Superintendent, Johnson City Schools, New York, and National Superintendent of the Year

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