STEAM – The Invention Zone!

A STEAM Project: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math for

Teachers and Teams of Teachers and Students

Contact Franny at or call/text 724-413-6001.

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This workshop is designed for audiences who would like to start or expand an invention program in their schools or organizations. Teachers, teams of teachers, or teams of teachers and students are invited to experience the twelve step invention process and have enough resources and know how to take it home and start a classroom, organization, school, district, state, or national program.

The invention process combines critical and creative thinking skills, creative problem solving, and increase self-esteem in your students. Fascinating techniques will be presented to help your students use their creativity to be inventors. This workshop is open to teachers, teams of teachers, or teams of students and teachers who want to teach the invention process or start an INVENTION CONVENTION in their classroom, school, region, state or country. To learn more about this workshop contact Franny at or call/text 724-413-6001.


The Inventor’s Workbench, Franny McAleer, 2014. (This book will be emailed to all workshop participants prior to the session.)

Workshop Agenda

  • If I Were in Charge of the World
  • The Six Thinking Hats … Inventors Wear Them All
  • What ifs? … The Aha of Invention!
  • Jot It in Your Journal – the Proof for the Patent
  • Quick Thinking – the First Step
  • Invention Treeing
  • SCAMPERings, Thingfinding by Pippi
  • The Creative Process — Eurekas and Light Bulb Moments
  • Twisted Scenes – Reversing the action
  • Believe It or Not? – Invention of the Past Truth or Dare
  • Eurekas Guaranteed When You Force Associations
  • Trash Treasures
  • Inventors’ Grab Bag
  • Invention Toss
  • Invention Fever! … Time to Invent!
  • Action Planning

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MC900089368[1]Web sites to support young inventors

Kids Invention Resources

Activities for Inventive Kids

The Patent Cafe

The United State Patent and Trademark Office

InventNET, helping inventors succeed

Nolo, Law for All: Legal information related to patent and trade secrets

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Resources for inventive people — Thanks to Philip Senecal, Invent America Author, Master Trainer (Rhode Island)

Lemelson-MIT  This site features an inventor of the week, resources and links, awards programs, and an inventor’s handbook.

Popular Mechanics links to invention sites and books

Books, Periodicals, and other Resources

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Motivating Workshops

Student-Tested, Student-Centered, Energizing, Hands On, Research Based