Tiered Assignment Writing

Factors Impacting Tiering Matrix (Download this PowerPoint)

Tiered Assignment Writing – the Eight Stepsladder

1. Grade level and subject:

2. Standard:

3. Key concept, objective, or generalization:

4. What is essential to

  • Know
  • Understand
  • Do

5. Prior Knowledge Necessary

6. Determine which area you will tier.

  • Content (what you want the students to learn)
  • Process (the way students make sense out of the content)
  • Product (the outcome at the end of a lesson, lesson set, or unit–often a project)

7. Determine the type of tiering you will do: readiness, interest, or learning profile.

  • Readiness is based on the ability levels of the students.
  • Interest is based on their interest in a topic
  • Learning profile using Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.

Based on the above decisions, determine how many tiers you will need and develop the tiers.

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