What they say about Six Hats®

Six Hats in a rowWhat do they say about SIX HATS® workshops?


  • Berwick Area School District’s professional staff was introduced to Six Hats® several years ago, providing them a specific way to approach thinking and decision making for themselves and with their students. Thinking is an act that can be somewhat overwhelming because we try to make decisions with various elements pulling at us. Our creative side argues with our practical side, our pros argue with our cons, and our emotions argue with our brains.The toolbox of the Six Thinking Hats® provides our staff and students with a concrete way to approach decision making in the classroom. One student claims that this technique broadened her way of thinking; she now approaches her assignments in a whole new light, especially with cooperative learning activities and group projects. This thinking technique works both in the boardroom and in the classroom. Holly Morrison, Director of Curriculum, K-12, Berwick School District, PA
  • SIX HATS® was wonderful!  Franny is a dynamic instructor and truly motivated us to think and create! Zee Ann Poerio
  • Apply the SIX HATS® is a natural for the classroom.  Franny presents the information in a clear, usable, and valuable fashion.  Move over Bloom – a great new way of teaching thinking! Susan Holzer
  • The sessions were full of enthusiasm. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about it. Suzanne Troy
  • I have learned so much about using the SIX HATS®  in my classroom.  I have already started using it in my class and it has been very successful. Dana Dubyak
  • SIX HATS®  has provided me with a whole new channel of thinking – pulling my mind into new directions. Carrie Mathias
  • A great way to get my gifted students to think differently! Julie Maffei
  • Outstanding, will use in class and in my workshops! Susan Hanley
  • My students love the hats.  I am creating a bulletin board for my classroom using SIX HATS® . This class was the best! Cheryl Kundrat
  • SIX HATS®  energized me about using thinking skills differently.  It was fun coming up with different ways to demonstrate SIX HATS®  with the children. Beth Jesserer
  • SIX HATS®  sessions were full of enthusiasm with lots of great ideas and activities.  I really learned a lot. Megan Hutchko
  • I thorough enjoyed SIX HATS®  sessions.  I realized how I could change my thinking inside the classroom and in my personal life.  If everyone had the opportunity to learn SIX HATS®  thinking better decisions could be made concerning simple issues to complex. Amy Turnbull
  • SIX HATS® was fun.  I loved the role playing and hands on activities. Beth Wagner
  • SIX HATS® could be used by coaching staffs when preparing for games. Brian Homer
  • Motivating!  An excellent energizer! Paula Brady
  • With a little imagination and thought, the SIX HATS® can be applied to any content area or grade level.  You can use them in everyday life as well. Shannon Shekerko
  • This was a career influencing workshop for me.  I had been in a teaching rut and thinking of retiring.  Fran inspired me to “think” more deeply with SIX HATS® and in different ways.  Now, I have rediscovered why I entered teaching and realize I have lots more to give and to receive.
  • The SIX HATS® thinking approach is an exciting and helpful process.  This wholistic approach clearly demonstrates the possibilities of using SIX HATS® and “owning them.”  Somehow, the workshop was both challenging and respectful — very important for adult learners.  Alice Elash, MS, CCC-Spl
  • SIX HATS® thinking in color provides a concrete approach to thinking skills.  The colored hat presentation of information is wonderful for visual and concrete learners.  This approach is engaging and effective for learners of all ages. Emily Erdeljac
  • This workshop was a great reminder that what is accepted as the best way does not and should not remain static.
  • I was amazed at how the SIX HATS® could fit into almost any area of life.  Franny is a dynamic instructor.  I was inspired in many ways in such a brief period of time.  I cannot wait for the next workshop. Sherry Ehrin

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